Hoonigan The Automotive Lifestyle Brand

Hoonigan is an automotive lifestyle brand and media company known for its focus on car culture, motorsports, and automotive enthusiasm. The term “hoonigan” is slang for someone who engages in reckless and aggressive driving or motorsports activities, often involving stunts, burnouts, and drifting.


Here are some key points about Hoonigan:

Founders: Hoonigan was founded by Ken Block, a professional rally driver and the creator of the Gymkhana video series, and Brian Scotto, who is also involved in various aspects of motorsports and automotive media.

Content Creation: Hoonigan is well-known for producing a wide range of automotive content, including videos, documentaries, and online shows. These videos often feature high-performance cars, motorsports events, and talented drivers.

YouTube Channel: Hoonigan has a popular YouTube channel where they upload videos showcasing various aspects of car culture. The channel has a large following of automotive enthusiasts.

Merchandise: Hoonigan offers a line of branded merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and automotive-related gear. Their merchandise is often associated with a bold and distinctive Hoonigan logo.

Motorsports: The brand is involved in various motorsports events and activities, including rally racing, drifting, and other forms of motorsport. Hoonigan’s founders and team members are often active participants in these events.

Collaborations: Hoonigan has collaborated with other automotive and lifestyle brands, as well as car manufacturers, to create special edition vehicles, gear, and promotional content.

Community: Hoonigan has a strong online community of automotive enthusiasts who share their passion for cars and motorsports. They often encourage fan engagement through social media and events.

Gymkhana Series: Hoonigan is perhaps best known for the Gymkhana series of videos, which feature Ken Block performing elaborate and visually stunning driving stunts in high-performance cars. These videos have gained millions of views and have become iconic in the automotive world.

Events: Hoonigan hosts various automotive events, including car meets, races, and exhibitions, where enthusiasts can showcase their vehicles and interact with like-minded individuals.

Hoonigan has played a significant role in promoting and celebrating car culture, motorsports, and automotive enthusiasm through its engaging content and brand identity. It has a dedicated following of fans who share a passion for high-performance cars and the thrill of driving.